Wednesday, June 13, 2012

He Reminded Me the Only Way to Keep Aliens from Reading Your Mind

This is a message I received a while back, I thought you guys would be interested in reading the message and my response.


I appreciate your comments and would like to offer a suggestion. If, as you say, you would like to "down the straight pill" that would remove same-sex attraction, consider visiting Jan Graf of Graf Stress Management (St. George, UT) or me, Elizabeth Richardson (Rockville, MD). I have written about the technique we use on my website ( although I don't specifically address its use with homosexuality there. However, I'd be happy to discuss it with you if you get in touch with me.

People divide into two camps on homosexuality: it's either a condition of birth or a choice. From what I see, neither is correct. My perspective is that when we're under extreme stress (and with homosexuality, that stress was often molestation), we become vulnerable to being bothered by negative entities (what the scriptures refer to as devils and evil spirits, the latter being disembodied spirits of those who once lived on earth as we do now but linger here rather than continuing to progress for a variety of reasons) who can actually get in us as "squatters" or "poachers," if you will.

As stated in The Family: A Proclamation to the World, spirits have gender. When they gain access to us, they then can express feelings and opinions which sound to us as though they're our own -- even complete with corresponding physical symptoms -- but which really are not ours. Get a female spirit into a male body and you have someone who feels like 'a woman trapped in a man's body,' a common statement made by gays. The female spirit occupying space in the man's body is still naturally attracted to males and expresses this preference, but to the world (including the man whose body she's occupying) it appears to be a man attracted to another man. I know it sounds weird in our scientific age, where we prefer to believe in chemical imbalances and gender identity issues and so forth, but I have seen this borne out again and again.

Graf Stress Management works quickly and efficiently with this problem, but ONLY when the client wants to address it. As with anything else in life, individual agency is the bedrock principle.

Frankly, I'd welcome a chance to talk this over with you or anyone else. My biggest frustrations is that this simple, gospel-based solution is not widely known. Instead, there is the constant back-and-forth hostility between two completely false (and insoluble) options, that homosexuality is a choice vs. that it's an accident of birth.

Elizabeth Cardon Richardson

Thank you for reaching out to me through that blog. I apologize for taking so long I get back to you. Your post was not published but Kathryn shared it with me. I admit when I first read your post I was ready to fight. As I have let my reactionary emotions subside I was able to hear the love you undoubtedly are expressing.
While I know you are offering help I respectfully decline. I would like to offer my perspective however, and discuss some of the points you make that are at least inaccurate for my experience but likely for many.
The first being my desire for the straight pill. The desire is weakening and only exists because of desperation for my father's approval. Being straight would allow me to marry the way he expects me to marry. Also life as a straight man is generally easier than life as a gay man.
The second point being the notion that a gay man is a woman trapped in a man's body. This is often offensive to gay men. A woman trapped in a man's body is better defined as transgender. While I trust that gay men have described this to explain their gay  experience, I'd argue that it often is misunderstood. The gay men I associate with do not feel like a woman but some use this expression to describe their effeminate qualities. In fact a lot of gay men are insecure about others seeing them as women, because we are clearly men (transgender woman my biologically be a man but consider themselves women trapped in a man's body). I hope the Distinction makes  sense.

This leads me to your explanation that reminds me of Scientology, that people under stress are possessed by squatters. While I admit I am skeptical of this hypothesis, I recognize I don't know everything and this maybe the case. My experience would support the theory that my sexuality is innate and natural. As I have become more accepting of my sexuality I have gained more peace. Stress in my life have been decreasing, I am less worried about being perfect and more worried about improving myself. I believe that the new authenticity I am expressing is the cause for decreased stress.

I would never actively stop any persons who would like to use the Garf method. If a person is benefited from thus program than I support them. Like you stated the participant must believe it'll work. I go not believe my sexuality will change or should change. I feel my work is to now rid my mind of the toxic shame that has been my motivation in life.

I want to express my gratitude to you again for reaching out to me. It was very kind to do so. I hope you have not taken offense to my objections but see them as me reaching out to you to create better understanding of gay men.

Thank You


  1. I liked your response here...very calm and collected. I have to admit that the whole "stress from molestation" hypothesis wasn't giving me warm fuzzies, and when she basically confused gay folks with transgender folks, I didn't have too much confidence that the rest would be all that helpful.

  2. Get out the tin foil and the holy water! Time for an exorcism. I loved your response however. A real class act! :D