Thursday, September 13, 2012

Your Love Is My Drug

Notice the Picture on the right.
I think I should get back into blogging.  I stopped because of good, but not necessarily for good reason.  As my last post stated a lot has changed in my life.  The most important change has been my increasing happiness.  I started to notice a my mood improving the end of May.  If I was still taking that survey that quantified my depression and dispar, it would have been close to the "normal" line. I hit the threshold, so I was ready to connect with Kevin. Since then Kevin has been my catalyst.  He is the most effective enzyme to improving my emotional health.

I will now refer to Kevin as enzyme K... it seems appropriate given our background.  Like an enzyme when he is near the chemistry is simplified and thus more efficient.  When enzyme K is in the far land of Utah county, I miss his presence.  I count down the days until I see my precious enzyme, I calculate the time at which I can text him so I don't interrupt his study, exercise and other productive activities. I contemplate the number of seconds it will take this next time to fill his love in our first embrace since our last encounter.

I am not quite sure of the specifics of how enzyme K works, but since I am a scientist I have the skills to find out.  So far there is a strong correlation, when he is near my happiness increases.  I have theorized that it could be that handsome face or the size of his brain.  His energy and/or his socialality.  But my current theory is that he uses a combination of all his great traits to catalyze the chemistry between.  Further research is needed to confirm current theories or bring up completely new ones.  I will continue to use my scientific reasoning to figure it out and will enjoy the discovery.


  1. Haha ha Mark, you are awesome, and I'm glad you are feeling so much happier lately :)

  2. Thanks Shannon! You'll have to meet Kevin.

  3. You're such a scientist. :P But his nickname is super fun

  4. Yes these are great findings and I am sure they are well documented from drug trials. But what do you do for enzyme K? Hilarious and cute post! Congrats.