Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Human of the Year

This week was a big week for the LGBT community, I'll spare you the repetitive recap of the supreme court oral arguments.  I will stick with my thoughts and local involvement.  As far as I can see, Marriage Equality will be here sooner than I had originally thought. With luck in time for the best wedding of summer 2014.  With a 57% approval of marriage equality in America means practically here.  Time magizene said it right, we already won.

On Tuesday one of the Osmond brothers organized a pro "traditional" family thing in the capitol.  Then the Marriage Equality crew organized a protest.  We had the numbers.  It was fantastic seeing so much red... everywhere! The crowd that was ready to proclaim the importance of keeping marriage between one man and one woman were certainly defensive.

At one point when I was trying to catch the attention of my friend I apparently got to close to his equipment. The guy watching it, put his hand on my back to get my attention and then with attitude said "would you mind getting away from my equipment?' His tone said "nasty bitch, get away from my shit." I never touched anything, I didn't even know what the stuff was, just that it was in my way, and was respectful not to bother it.  So I responded to bitch with bitch.  I told him "Sure I will stay away as long as you do not touch me." Then he said "I don't want to touch you, sorry, but that's disgusting "  I rolled my eyes and said good.  However, I wish I was a little more bitchy and said "you were the one touching the gay man." However, he was just defensive just like the rest of 'em.

That experience, as well as being called a girl, fucking faggot, and told to be a real man pushes me to intolerant of the intolerance. You see I have been really empathetic to my family and friends about this big change in my life.  I have methodically moved into myself into the blissful life I enjoy now.  I am tired of being sympathetic for others discomfort of my homosexuality and of Kevin.  I feel like a cancer patient that the doctor is looking to for comfort for learning about my cancer.

I don't give one fuck, two fucks, or three fucks if the opposers accept my relationship as good, right, just or whatever.  It is not their relationship to define. I want the rights that the heteros take for granted. Despite what you may think, there is not one civil union that equates to the rights that a legal marriage brings.  Marriage Equality isn't about acceptance or relationship validation, its about equality of legal rights. Its about being able to pursue my definition of happiness.