Friday, June 8, 2012

Shake it, Shake it Baby, Shake Your Ass Out on the Street

Pride weekend was fun, emotional, and arousing. (winking emoticon)

USGA received a courage award for the 'It Gets Better' video. As they introduced us they showed the last little bit of the video.  The emotions started.  We were invited on stage and Nathan was given the award. Again I got emotional. The support and love from the crowd was unexpected.  I looked out into the crowd and it hit me how far I've come.  A year ago I was at home binging on food and television.  That weekend my roommates were out of town.  I had just come out, or started coming out.  On that stage not only was I very much out, I was happy about it.

Sunday I joined the Mormon Building Bridges in marching in the parade.  Even though I was exhausted from all the partying the two previous days, I was full of energy.  A couple of my straight friends marched with with me, I was greeted by my USGA crew, and the turn out was incredible.  All of those people was energizing.  What really pumped me up was the crowd.  They were so loving and thankful.  I realize the crowd's love and gratitude were directed to the straight marchers. It meant a lot to me to see the crowd so welcome of these Mormon allies.  Many have been hurt deeply by the church and/or its members, including myself.  I can not imagine a happy life with out the two identities being at odds with each other.  The two communities have hurt and fought each other for years.  I am seeing the healing begin between the two parties.  That healing is helping me heal.

I have to once again thank Kendall.  I'm sure he is annoyed with my praise, I borderline worship him.  While I realize that he is not the only force behind the change that is occurring, it appears to me that he is the leader of it.  As far as I am considered Kendall Wilcox is the Gay Mormon.  Kendall has been key on making USGA what it is today through his guidance and leadership.  Kendall was also a major reason Erika's plan to march in the parade was such a huge success.  He is and continues to inspire people to make this world better, through his Far Between project and encouragement.

Now that I have successfully created a literary shrine for Kendall I can talk about the results.  Mormons and the LGBT community are speaking with each other and abandoning talking at each other.  This change in conversation is healing, brings understanding, and love.  I am so grateful I get to witness this process, I have been apart of it.

I have a strengthened hope for the awkwardness among family members and friends to end.  I new hope that all of my family will love and accept my future husband (assuming I can catch one). Maybe my dream of living next door to my brothers can still exist, even with one less sister in law and an additional brother in law. My children can be accepted the same as the birthers in the family.  The probability of a natural death in my future has increased significantly.

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